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Keith Johnson, President of the Detroit Federation of Teachers was appalled by Bobb’s unilateral implementation: “It took a while, including three contract extensions and many more hours than the District has bargained with DAEOE but the District reached an agreement with the DFT. The district did not unilaterally implement on the teachers. Support staff are essential to the education of our children. They are no less deserving than teachers to have a contract bargained and not implemented.”






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March 3, 2010
DPS Emergency Financial Manager Sends
Office Employees Below Poverty Level
DETROIT-After calling Detroit Public Schools office employees essential and committing to joint labor/management cooperation with their union DPS Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb has informed the union that he is unilaterally implementing a ten percent wage cut, employees paying ten percent of health care premiums and other increases in employee health care costs.
This unilateral directive comes while DPS and the union, the Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees, AFT Local 4168, are in bargaining where the District, by its own admission, has failed to provide the union with accurate data necessary for the union to make informed and constructive proposals.
DAEOE members live in the city of Detroit. Their children and grandchildren attend Detroit Public Schools. The average salary of a DAEOE member, before the ten percent cut, is $25,000 just 15 % above the poverty level for a family of four and below the poverty level for a family of five.
Robert Bobb’s pay raise of $81,000 is more than three times as large as the DAEOE member average salary.
Ruby Newbold, President of DAEOE, stated: “I guess Mr. Bobb’s words that we are essential and that he is committed to labor management cooperation were meaningless rhetoric.” Newbold went on to say, “With the $81,000 raise it is clear that Robert Bobb does what is good for Robert Bobb. All the members of DAEOE want is what is good for students and fair to staff. We can achieve this if the District does not unilaterally implement, provides the union with accurate data, and returns to the bargaining table.”
AFT Michigan is a union of 35,000-members working in K-12 and intermediate school districts, community colleges, universities, and local government. The 97 locals extend as far south as Monroe and north to Whitefish Township in the Upper Peninsula.    

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