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Dear Members:
On Wednesday, February 29 2012 the AFT Detroit settled our lawsuit against Roy Roberts, State Treasurer, Andy Dillon. The settlement includes the following for DAEOE Members:
            .Members must declare that they will retire July 1 2012.
            .Separation irrevocable document must be in Human Resources by Monday, March 19,  2012.
            .Members will receive one-half of their sick bank up to a maximum of 17.5  days to be paid no later than September 30 2012
            .Bonus Payment
            .Members will receive 2.5% bonus on all earnings for 2011-12 school year to be  paid no later than September 30 2012
             .Emergency Managers’ order date July 29 and amended August 19, 2011 will expire on June 30 2012
If you have any questions, please contact the union office or your executive board leader assigned to your school and or worksite.
In Unity,
Ruby J. Newbold President              
 E’Lois T. Moore, Vice President