Send an Email about the Emergency Financial Manager Bills

There are bills quickly making their way through the Legislature that would drastically increase the powers of Emergency Financial Managers.  In addition to wiping out elected school boards and city councils, voiding all contracts including collective bargaining agreements, and having complete academic control, this legislation provides the Emergency Financial Manager with the power to take “any other actions considered necessary … to achieve the objectives of [their] plan.”  These actions must remain in place for three years after the EFM leaves and, by the way, the EFM cannot be challenged in court for anything s/he does.  Please click here to send a letter to your State Senator and Representative asking them to vote NO on HB 4214 and related EFM bills.

Are You Having Problems With Your New Health Insurance

If you are experiencing any problems with your health benefits or prescriptions please notify the Union office as soon as possible.

Ask A Working Woman

Go to the working america website and complete the survey "Ask A Working Woman".  Let your opinion be heard.


By now all members of DAEOE should have recieved their 2010 Health Benefits Package from DPS.  If you have not received your package or have any questions please call: Ellen Griffin at 313-873-7298 or email her at:

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